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12 December 2010 @ 08:42 pm

I have managed to open the ljapp from my mobile device. huzah!

meet Jillieeee. my jelly fish.

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12 December 2010 @ 07:55 pm
tried to update using the iPod ljapp, but was unsuccessful. he stupid page couldn't even load up my f-page. i'm currently using safari to post. this is just a test whether or not I can post from my mobile device. hahahah i have anew otp! edmundxcaspian. oh yeaaaaah!!!!
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01 February 2010 @ 12:41 am




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16 April 2009 @ 08:02 am

i was bored while waiting for my EHB download to finish, so i did this. LOL

i'm quite happy with the results. it's true that i really like kyuhyun and he's my crush! sungmin's my lover and i'm having an affair with kyuhyun. as for my frienemy, it's ryeowook! hahahahha i've got this love-hate thing for wook. idk why siwon is my hater. LOL maybe it's because i'm not as religious as he is. ooohh!! my best friend is eeteuk?? idk why either.
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there comes a time in one's life that you'll realize that you're not getting any younger. i mean, there are times that i feel as if i can take as much time as i want, to do what i want to do and not caring about anything. But something happens and it dawns on you that so much time has passed and you hadnt noticed a thing while going at your own pace.

When i started out as a college student a couple of years back, the day of graduation seemed so far away and out of reach. I wasnt even sure i'd finish with the major i had started with. To my surprise, i finished my college years last Tuesday, the 7th day of April, 2009. The graduation ceremony was held in the auditorium of one the school's campuses at 7:30 AM. Along with the first half of the 675 students that were graduating that day, i transferred the tassel of my toga from left to right and received my diploma onstage from the dean.

Two days before that, on the 5th of April, 2009, i had my clinical graduation. My grandma's student, who's a chief nurse at one of the hospitals in Cebu, was the one who pinned me, signifying that i had completed the required number of hours of clinical exposure.

I could really say that those two events marked that i'm starting to become an adult and it's time for me to join the workforce!
I'm glad that i graduated, but i feel as if reality is chasing me and i cant catch my breath enough to continue on.
but i'll not think about it and i'll just the best that i can to survive the real world.
so when the real world calls, i'll be ready.

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29 January 2009 @ 11:56 pm
What celebrity would you consider changing your sexual identity for?
if kato shigeaki was really gay like in the fanfics i've read. i'll gladly change my sexual identity for him. ahahah
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17 October 2008 @ 11:40 pm

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20 June 2008 @ 03:45 pm
It's such a rainy day today. The nonstop downpour gave no mercy to my loose, hip-hoppish school uniform; My pantlegs got all drenched. 
Every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, my classes end at 2:30 and recently, Offroads (It's a coffee shop) has become my new hang out place after school.  I like it here coz everything's so cheap!! Their beverages and pastries are a below a hundred bucks.  What i love about this place is that i get to use FREE Wifi and Electricity as long as i want to. Compared to other cafe's i have to pay a fee per hour that i use their facilities!! Being the cheapskate that i am, i totally prefer it here. hahahahaahahhahahaahah

Guess what!?!? Somebody pimped my lj!!!!! hahahha I was sooooo surprised when i checked my F-page!!! Everything is soooooo organized and pretty!!!!!v weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! I'M SOOOOOOOOO HAPPY!!! portabubble did the pimping before she went to class.
I heard she had a flat tire earlier on her way to her one and only class for the day. waaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! OK RA NA MING!!! 


btw, i've recently discovered this japanese artist called MEG. if you like techno and electronica, you give it a try.
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13 June 2008 @ 02:24 pm

I went to class this morning and  attended my 7:30AM class. After that, i went straight home and started working on installing the East Asian Language pack for TOP. I had been at it for 3 straight hours coz some the applications i burned didnt work so i had to find other ways to install it. I had to switch from the stuff i saved in the hard disk to the language pack cd just to finish everything. I even had to search the internet for the solutions to my current language-pack-installing problems, but most of them were posted three to four years ago and all of their download links were dead. But, I never gave up!! A hundred webpages and several attempts later, I was finally able to install the East Asian Language Pack for TOP!!!! YEAAAHH!! I'm GOOD!! I'm GOOD!!! Now, TOP can read Korean, Japanese, Chinese texts. No more horrid boxes that confuse me!!! I couldnt have done this without

margalicious_me. Without her help, i wouldve been stuck trying to decipher the unreadable boxes. Thanks Te Marga!! 
All i have to do now is to try typing in korean. I downloaded this korean font i found on the net, thinking that this would solve my annoying square-y problems. I was astonished to find out that it didnt work like that at all. hahahahah But who cares! that was what happened in the past. All that matters is that TOP is able to read East Asian texts. LOL

I read portabubble's entry earlier about the essay Yamapi wrote, which mentioned something about the Philippines. He had said something like "kids from the Philippines not knowing who he is when he would come over". He'd ber really surprised to know that he was very very wrong. hahahahahahhaha 

"Do you know Yamapi??" 
"Ofcourse!! Who doesnt?!!?!?"

Other than that, Pi's entry was really touching. He mentioned something about being grateful that he was able to go to school, while other children arent. I'm happy that Pi is able to appreciate his blessings like this. He is really humble and i really admire him for that. hehehe

I'm listening to my 3 yr old cousin sing Josh Groban songs through a Yahoo Messenger Call. Though he's a bit off key at times, the fact that he's able to memorize the songs being really young is amazing!! I'm expecting great things from him. Maybe i should let him join Johnny's!! hahhaha But it'd be awful if Johnny would begin his pedo-moments. hahahahahah
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13 June 2008 @ 05:25 am
my first day of classes started yesterday. i had to wake up really early coz i had to bring anirok to school. GAWD~~~ a rough estimate of how long i was on the road was an hour or more but considering that there wasnt too much traffic, it still took a long time. Good thing i had great songs to listen to or else the drive from the house to STC and back to Talamban Campus would have been grueling. I arrived in school 7:40AM and i had been driving since 6:15AM. You do the math. My brain seems to be on vacation right now. Not surprisingly, i didnt get late for class. DUH! who would want to start the first day on time! I think they would give students a time allowance since summer had just ended; Just an afterthought, Even clinical instructors give themselves time allowances, right? My first subject turned out to be Psychiatric Nursing. WoW! what a way to start the day. Not to mention, my teacher for this subject is really observant and perceptive! Even the most minute movement, she can make an interpretation of that. GAAAAA ! i'm supposed to deal with that every morning!! HOLY!!! after this class, i skipped all the classes for the day. hahahahh what a way to start the semester. But then, the teachers havent been coming to class yet so i guess it was okay. Guess what!? not even a one new student was hot!! gaaaaaaaaaaaa!! T____T

it's 5:30AM now. another new day of school. i'm still sooooo sleepy. Have to keep this short. I still have to take a shower. waaaa!!
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